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Donor Conception

Donor programme or conception refers to the use of donated sperms, eggs, and embryos which can be used in couples unable to produce or fertilize own gametes.

Candidates for Donor Programme:

  • Women with reduced ovarian function.
  • Ovarian function ceases before natural menopause. ( Premature Ovarian Failure )
  • Congenital absence of ovaries. ( ovarian Agenesis )
  • Surgical removal of ovaries.
  • Postmenopausal.
  • Women with Functional ovaries.
  • Risk of transmission of a genetic disorder to children.
  • Poor quality eggs resulting in IVF failure.
For Sperm Donation
  • Male partner with No sperms in semen. (Azoospermia )
  • Abnormal characteristics and motility of sperms resulting in an inability to fertilize.
  • Risk of transmitting inheritable disorder to children.
  • Previous radiation or chemotherapy resulting in irreversible damage.
  • Having done a vasectomy.

Donated Eggs in conception:

For Sperm Donation

As per ICMR criteria

Fresh Transfer
Donor Sperm in conception: