Fertility myths Blog

Women are a cause of Infertility

Fact: Incidence is 1/3rd due to each partner

Taking a pill can reduce Fertility

Fact: Pill prevents conception in a month when taken.

All polycystic ovaries require fertility treatment

Fact: some PCO can conceive with Lifestyle modification.

Pregnancy can be achieved at any time of the month

Fact: Pregnancy chances are maximum around ovulation.

The couple should try for a year on own

Fact: Patients with age >35yrs. should consult in 6mnths of trying.

Ovulation is on the 14th day of the cycle

Fact: Ovulation is variable according to cycle length.

Abstinence of 3-5 days must for good sperms

Fact: Lesser gap can give sperms with good motility.

Fertility Treatment = IVF

Fact: Treatment is individualized. Not all require IVF.